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The start of your next solar project is just a conversation away. We will walk with you through the process at each step.

We know first-hand about the power of strong relationships. That’s why we value open, transparent, and collaborative partnerships that make the process enjoyable for everyone involved. Choose a team you can trust for the journey to long-term solar power.

We apply our deep knowledge of clean energy to build excellent solar projects in partnership with Indigenous companies and communities. We believe that prioritizing economic opportunities and participation in commercial partnerships is a key part of redressing the wrongs of colonization. See TRC Call to Action #92 for more information about our responsibility to each other.

Creating valuable opportunities


We make the journey fun and high-impact. We are committed to providing you our absolute best, every time.


At the core of our work are positive relationships with all of our partners, emphasizing clear lines of communication with our clients.


From concept to completion, we manage your complete solar project. Our team of experts will stick with you until the finish line.

Project Feature

Awasis Groundmount Photovoltaic System

  • Piles – Driven Ibeam @ 4487 piles.
  • Modules – Longi Solar PV Modules @ 30,082 modules.
  • Inverters – Sungrow 3600UD MV PV three (3) Inverters
  • Land Size – 85.13 acres

13.46 MW DC & 10 MW AC Grid-Tie