Who we are

An Indigenous-owned EPC service provider committed to reducing reliance on non-renewable power sources.

The transition to a clean energy future is here – an opportunity for Indigenous communities.

This is a moment of high demand for solar EPC services, reflecting a moment of transition to community-owned power after decades of Indigenous communities being largely excluded from economic opportunities. Climate change is requiring a push to transition to a renewable energy economy, and there has never been this good an opportunity for First Nations Communities to be in the driver’s seat.

Work with us

miEnergy North America is a partnership among 10 First Nations, nine Nations from the Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC) plus Mistawasis Nêhiyawak,and miEnergy a renewable energy company specializing in utility-scale EPC solar projects.

We have come together to bring solar solutions to our communities, our province, and across North America. We help fill the gap that exists for Indigenous communities and companies who are ready to participate in the renewable energy sector.

Our values

As an Indigenous-owned company, we ensure that Indigenous communities participate meaningfully in the process and benefits of each project we take on. True economic opportunities and authentic participation are key elements in addressing the wrongs of colonization and aligning with respect for the environment.

Respect & Trust

We are committed to, and respect, the Traditional Values of Indigenous Peoples.

Integrity & Accountability

We strive for ethical, safe workplaces, fair treatment of employees, a clean environment, and strong leadership.


We ensure that we are having a positive impact in the communities we work in, with clear economic and employment benefits.

Stewardship of Our Environment

We maintain and preserve leadership in environmental stewardship.

Let’s create lasting community foundations – not just jobs.

As First Nation peoples, miEnergy North America fits our deeply held notions of combining supportive economics with a sustainable environment. To us, this is what defines “sustainable communities.” When Indigenous groups own and maintain world-class renewable energy projects, we create lasting community foundations – not just short-term jobs.